What a violent U.S. revolution would look like today compared to 1776 – Ian Cioffi

taking down the government


By Ian Cioffi – LibertyChat.com –

The opposition would face labels from the media such as “extremists”, “infiltrators”, “foreign government agents”, “terrorists” . The media would show video after video of every innocent death caused by the opposition. Even innocent death caused by the government, would have the media blame it on the opposition. Zooming in on the faces of crying mothers as they hold their dead children. Cursing the names of opposition leaders who killed their children.  Winning over the public that you’re the problem, not the government. The opposition would have no moral ground to stand on, because they turned to violence first, or that’s at least how the media would paint the picture.

While the government would be winning the propaganda war, they’d be crushing the opposition militarily. Almost laughable at how outmatched the opposition would be. This isn’t 1776. You can’t hide in bushes and pick off redcoats who have easily marked themselves. You’d be facing well trained, brainwashed soldiers that are not only convinced you’re a terrorist, but are rightfully convinced that you’re outgunned. They’d be using the best weapons technology has to offer, while the opposition would be using whatever was still available to the public from local gun shops. Tanks vs nothing, because shipments of fuel have ceased in your area. The government will control all resources. Food, Fuel, and communications all in the hands of the government.

Now this is all assuming that there’s someone out there that actually has the cohonas & brains to get the ball rolling on a violent revolution. The closest thing I’ve seen to someone leading that cause, packed his bags and moved to L.A.. I don’t blame him. He knows we can’t win this revolution through force. The only way we’re winning this revolution is through peaceful means. Possible strategies are doing what other countries did, which would be public but peaceful protests. Another strategy might be infiltration. Winning elections at both local and national levels. As unrealistic as those strategies might seem to some, just remember the picture I painted for you above. Not much of a choice.